Working as a traveling musician and always bringing his camera, Fredrik always has good opportunities to document the world around him. As a percussionist, he is engaged in music-projects, dance-projects and concerts in many countries - from Stockholm to Cairo or Buenos Aires - always on the move - always curious to meet new people and cultures.


Being a self-taught photographer and a lover of black & white, he moves thru different styles such as travel photography, portraits as well as social documentary projects.


As a musician Fredrik has worked a lot with dance. Thru his passion for the artform as well as his fascination of the expression and aesthetics of the dancers, he started taking photos of dancers that he worked with. Through time dance-photography has developed to become his main photographic genre and this led to his project "Movements".



Dance photography exhibition



27 February - 25 March 2016

"The not yet famous gallery"

Atelje Uggla, Grevgatan 52, Stockholm