Fredrik Gille is a percussionist from Stockholm, Sweden. He collects instruments, playing-techniques and inspiration from percussion-traditions all around the world.


He has a great passion for worldwide percussion-traditions and has collected a unique set of instruments - a constantly growing set-up. Learning about sounds, techniques and origins of such a variety of drums has given him a colourful spectrum of musical expressions. Spending big parts of the year on tour abroad, he takes every opportunity to meet and learn from local musicians and find new drums for his collection.


Fredrik has played with groups and artists from all over the world, among just a few: Väsen (Sweden), Bazar Blå (Sweden), Radio Tarifa (Spain), Andreas Vollenweider (Switzerland). Amine & Hamza (Tunisia). Alfredo Lagos (Spain), Mich Gerber (Switzerland), Karima Nayt (Algeria), Tarabband (Sweden) Fathy Salama (Egypt), Sofia Karlsson (Sweden), Blau (Switzerland), Jienat (Norway) as well as dance-companies Flamencos en Route (Switzerland) and ÖffÖff (Switzerland)



I’ve always had a strong urge to learn about different percussion-traditions, their history and evolution. Not just to play the drums i use, but having a deal knowledge about their origin, culture and tradition. That makes me feel closer to the drums, even if i don’t use them in their traditional music or in a traditional way. In a way you can say it’s out of respect for the tradition.

Digging into different cultures exploring the beauty of their music-traditions you always find new things, it’s like this huge treasure that never ends, and never stops to surprise you. The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know. That's also one of the beautiful parts, you can never know everything, there is always so much more to be discovered.


As a musician i have the opportunity to travel a lot around the world, always meeting interesting people and getting in close contact with their culture and music-traditions. These experiences always affect me and my musical language direct or indirect, in the path i walk as a musician and as a human being.