Tarabband - Yekhaf


New studio album with the group Tarabband. We recorded this album in a studio outside Malmö in the south of Sweden and it was released in fall 2022. 

Homayoun Shajarian - Gaah Faramoushi


Happy to be part of this album with the incredible singer Homayoun Shajarian from Iran. The album is produced by Hermes Records from Tehran and recorded in a very nice studio in Austria 2021.

Sirocco - El Faro


This is the first album i record with the swedish group Sirocco.

Tarabband - Live in Egypt


This album was recorded live during a concert at Al Genaina Theatre in Cairo, Egypt.

Bazar Blå - Malmö 1999


A document of time, we recorded this live concert 1999 at Mix Musik in Malmö. 21 years later we decided to release it as an album.  This is the 7th album released by Bazar Blå.

Tarabband - The Palladium Concert


A live concert recorded at the amazing venue Palladium in Malmö. An amazing collaboration between Tarabband and Musica Vitae.

Ancient Agents - Ancient Agents


The debut album with Ancient Agents. A band concisting of me and three amazing musicians from South Africa. We recorded this album in a beautiful studio outside Cape Town just after a month of touring around the country.

Amine & Hamza - Fertile Paradoxes


A pleasure to play with the extremely virtuos brothers Amine and Hamza from Tunisia. We recorded this album in a very nice studio in the countryside in Poland. 

Newtone - This Love's For Real


So much fun to play percussion on this album. I used to play sometimes with Newtone in the 90's, now 20 years later they decided to record a new album.

Bazar Blå - Twenty


Celebrating 20 years as a band we recorded this album and named it "twenty", our 6th album. We recorded this album during a few days in a small but very nice studio in Stockholm. 

Karima Nayt - Quoi d'autre?


Lots of fun making this album with singer Karima Nayt from Algeria. I met Karima for the first time in a club in Cairo, Egypt where she was performing, a few years later we composed a big part of this album together and we recorded it in a nice studio in Stockholm. I also made the cover photo of Karima. 

Mik Kausen's Blau - Nalu


Mik is a great pianist and composer based in Bern, Switzerland. This album was recorded in Switzerland where we also played lots of councerts with this band.

Erik Steen - Una guitara y nueve cuentos


Another album with great flamenco guitar player Erik Steen.

Jienat - Mira


Always fun and interesting to work with the project Jienat from Norway. We recorded this 5.1 album in Hammerfest, in the very north of Norway, and the whole album is based on percussion with joik. 

Golbang - Setareh


Golbang is the band of Baluchi/Iranian singer and friend Rostam Mirlashari. The album was recorded in Stockholm.

Bazar Blå - Lost


Our 5th album. Just before mixing this album thieves broke in and stole the recorded material as well as the backups.. for a while the album seemed to be lost until we found a forgotten copy of the rough mixes in a friends car. After a bit of creative mastering we decided to release the rough mixes and call the album "Lost".

MiNa - Live and b-side u


MiNa was a great project based in Bern, Switzerland. A duo project of singer Jaël and Luk Zimmermann, we toured a lot in Switzerland as a quartet with Mich Gerber on bass and me on percussion, and this album is a live recording from one of the concerts.

Georges Kazazian - Zafir


During one of the many times i stayed in Cairo i was invited to play on Georges album Zafir. Recorded in Cairo, Egypt during the hot sumertime. 

Mich Gerber - Wanderer


Mich Gerber is a very interesting bass player from the wonderful city of Bern, Switzerland. We used to tour on trio with bass, drums and percussion and this album is recorded in a studio in Bern.

Caro & el Club Vigil - Further on the way


Caro & el Club Vigil was a great project by my dear friends Caro and Julian, they both have Uruguayan roots but are based in Stockholm. This album was recorded in Stockholm in a very nice studio. 

Bazaarpool - in Music & Film


Bazaarpool was like an umbrella for a pool of friends and musicians directed by my very dear friends Asita Hamidi and Björn Meyer. This is a compilation of different projects released on Bazaarpool records and also DVD material from tours and projects. 

Bazaaris: Watersongs live


A live recording from one of our concerts in Switzerland with the trio Bazaaris. Asita Hamidi on harp, Björn Meyer on bass and me, such a nice time-era and so many dear memories. 

Bazar Blå - Nysch


We recorded this album at a friend's place in the outscirts of Stockholm, he had a beautiful outhouse in his garden with beautiful acoustics. We recorded for a few days in this beautiful space and the result is the 4th album of Bazar Blå - Nysch. 

Johan Hedin - Innersta Polskan


Johan Hedin is a master of playing the swedish instrument nyckelharpa. We recorded this album in his house in the beautiful countryside of Södermanland in Sweden. 

Bazaaris - Live


This is the first live album with the trio Bazaaris, recorded during a live concert in Switzerland. Asita Hamidi on harp, Björn Meyer on bass and me. 

Bazar Blå - Live


This is a live recording from our first tour in Switzerland, the concert was at the very special venue "Tonus Labor" - an intimate cellar in the hart of the old town in Bern. 

Flamencos en Route: 

Music from the performance "Transito Flamenco" 2003

The music from a dance performance we performed with during 2003 with the Swiss based dance company Flamencos en Route, recorded in our rehearing studios in Baden, Switzerland. 

Bazar Blå - Tripfolk


Our 2nd album and maybe the most experimental one. This album was recorded in a cottage in the countryside of the beautiful island of Öland in the south of Sweden. We recorded day and night, went for long walks and had lots of ice-cream, here is the result - Tripfolk. 

Jienat - Daja


This very interesting joik project was recorded in the verynorth of Norway, in the city of Hammerfest. Based on percussion, bass and the traditional joik singing of the Sami culture. 

Erik Steen - Cuatro Vientos


Erik Steen was my first encounter with flamenco music. Being from the north of Sweden, Erik is a master guitar player and i learned a lot playing with him. This is an album with his band "Flamenco Fusion" recorded in Stockholm.

Mauricio Vigil - Hecho en Libertad


Mauricio was a beautiful person with a big hart. He was imprisoned during the dictature in Uruguay and he later came to Sweden as a political refugee. This album is based on songs that he wrote during his time in prison, recorded in Stockholm with a beautiful group of musicians. 

Bazar Blå - Nordic City


We packed a van full of instruments and went to a small cottage in the woods next to a lake, in the county of Dalarna in Sweden. One week and hundreds of mosquito bites later we had recorded this beautiful album, the first album of Bazar Blå.

Erik Steen - Aurora Boreal


This is the first album i recorded with Erik Steen and his group "Flamenco Fusion". Recorded in the famous historic studio "Atlantis" in the center of Stockholm.

Also appears on:

Dilba - You and I


Martin - En helt vanlig Svensson


Charlotte & Dea - Alabaster Nights


Bo Kaspers Orkester - I Centrum


Roger Rönning - Fem Barn


Infinite Mass - Live in Sweden


I toured many years with Infinite Mass in the 90's, great hip hop made in Sweden. This album was recorded duringa live concert on one of the tours. 

Nils Erikson - Albert Tyfonen


Claes Janson - Skuggorna runt Slussen


Superswirls - Filter